Friday, April 30, 2010


Today we asked mommy if we could go down to the little park which is just about a block from our house. It has lots of beautiful tall yellow wild flowers and we wanted to play hide and seek.

When we got there Riley said, Hey Star, are you sniffing what I'm sniffing?

Yea, and it's coming from that direction and it's making a weird sound and I can't figure out what it is?

Hey! it just went up that tree Riley! Yea, and it's starting to pee me off!

Oh Crap-Ola! It's coming back this way!

Did you get a good glimpse of it Riley?

Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't eat me!

OMD!!! I see it! It's over by that house!

Star, I don't know about you? Butt, I'm out of here! IT'S A GIANT........



And where is Dory when you need her?


Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Hi Everybuddy! Guess what? I got a promotion! I am now the Chief and Editor of "PRETTY KITTY AND BUFFY PUPPY MAGAZINE" in addition to my Advice Column, "DEAR STAR". So now anything goes! Hope you like it!

NEW ROMANCES: Glamor Girl, Star and Football Hero, Remington have announced that they are officially going steady. Star received a gold heart from the Studly Rem and is now shopping for high heels! The handsome couple is now known everywhere as the "STARINGTON'S".

WHO'S WEARING WHAT? The Gorgeous and Sophisticated ASTA from Manhattan, was spotted in the Village wearing an Apple Red and White Raincoat designed by Stormy Wetter. And what a SPLASH she made!

THE FRENCH CONNECTION: BENNY AND LILY have gotten themselves in a jam again! They were last seen being hauled off to jail for illegal gambling and for having too much fun! Their Attorney was arrested also.



JAZZIE WRITES: Dear Star, My water bowl is continually empty! What can I do to make sure my mom keeps my bowl full?

Dear Jazzi, Put tape over her mouth so she can't drink it!

TWINKIE WRITES: Dear Star, During Date Night, Twix mentioned that I was wearing a bikini and swimming in the toilet! Should I be offended or proud?

Dear Twinkie, Well if I were you I would be very proud! There are lots of doggies out there that can't even get a drink of water out of the toilet bowl much less swim in it! Butt, thank Dogness, nobuddy flushed it! Next time wear a life jacket o.k.?


IF YOU DON'T SMELL GOOD, THEN YOU WILL BE AN OLD MAID FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! So put down that stick, let down your hair, and soak in a bottle of
"STAR-LICIOUS" PURRFUME by STAR and you will become the DIVA you were always meant to be! You'll be glad you did and so will the bo-dawgs!

Now back to Dear Star,

Ludo Van Doggy says: Dear Star, How can I get my mum to quit work and spend all her time with me?

Dear Ludo, Oh dear! Well, while your mommy's at work, chew up the sofa, pee on her bed, and throw up in her slippers. When she gets home, jump in her lap and cry like a baby till your eyes are all red and swollen and don't forget to sniff a lot! Trust me, she'll never go back to work again!

OZZIE FROM GOLDEN SAMANTHA MEOWS: Dear Star, My mom keeps promising to give me space on my Sis, Sam's Blog butt she still hasn't come through! How can I get my face and story on this blog?

Dear Ozzie's Mom, Just look at this poor, sweet, little pitiful face! I bet now you are really feeling ashamed of yourself aren't you? I thought so! So, GET BUSY before Ozzie takes over my blog! I'm a sucker for little black and white kittens. Isn't she cute?

MADI WRITES: Dear Star, I'm the other cute black and white kitten and I want to know how can I get my mom to stop teasing me? I don't like it and it hurts!

Dear Madi, Well, I don't like my hair teased either, butt you do what you have to do if you want to be a DIVA! At least she doesn't poke you in the head with a Rat-Tail comb! Does she???

Oh, and one more thing, Miss. Star, I'm playing Miss. Kitty in Jack's new movie "WESTWARD HO!" and I heard that the camera can add ten pounds to your body. What can I do to keep my butt from looking big?

Dear Madi, Well, the real Miss Kitty didn't wear those big pooffy skirts for nothing you know? And why do you think she always hid behind the bar? There's your answer! Break a leg!

BILBO WRITES: Dear Star, My sister DORY is ALWAYS hogging the spotlight and only lets me blog one day a week! What can I do to make her give me more blogging time?

Dear Bilbo, That's easy! Invite some squirrels over and while Dory is going crazy in the back yard, slip in a few posts. Now wasn't that simple?

COCORUE SAYS: Dear Star, How do I get a boy-furrend? Everyone I meet is either taken or they don't care for tea cups and they don't even think I am a real dog!

Dear Coco, Well, anybuddy who doesn't care for tea cups doesn't have any class and you don't want them anyway! Butt, next time you see a bo-dawg you like, give him a big smack on the lips and that ought to show him how real you are! Men!

THE BOOKER MAN WRITES: Dear Star, When I'm snoozin' I talk in my sleep and wake everybuddy up and they get mad! What can I do to stop talking while I'm snoozin'?

Dear Booker, Mr. Anonymous does the same thing and I'll tell you what I told him! Stop reading those "Girly" magazines! You're hil-loosenating!

Well Everybuddy, that's it for this week's addition of "Pretty Kitty and Buffy Puppy Magazine. See you next week and don't forget to send your question to Dear Star.

Luv ya,



Monday, April 26, 2010


Daddy is out of town so yesterday mommy took us to visit Uncle Gil and Auntie Carol who have a beautiful place out in the country.

The Bluebonnets which just happen to be our state flower is at it's peak here in North Texas and Indian Paintbrush is everywhere! And what a beautiful day it was!

OMD! Have you ever seen anything like this Star? It's beautiful!

Yea and sooo deep too! We better not lay down or mommy won't find us!

This is our Auntie Carol and Uncle Gil with their pretty horse, Penny. We wanted to ride her butt we chickened out at the last minute!

Oh, this breeze feels sooo good!

Hey, I think I see a Coyote coming to eat us!

Riley don't eat the Bluebonnets! Mommy will kill you if you wake her up in the middle of the night with die- a- ree-ah and throw up blue stuff!

Here we are with mommy sitting in Indian Paintbrush. Well we might have known! If there were any paintbrushes around, mommy would be right in the middle of them! Hey, here comes a Hawk and you guys don't even care! Yikes!

I could get used to this.

Look at the camera mommy, and say "BLUEBONNETS"! YEA!!!

We're helping Uncle Gil mow the grass, he luuuvs us sooo much!

Mommy, get us off this thing, you don't even know how to drive it!

Grrrreat! The tractor is stuck and mommy is trying to poke my eye out with her sun glasses! We knew things would go downhill eventually!

Mommy, can we live here? Pretty pleeeeze!!!

Well, we had a grrreat time out in the country and we can't wait to go back! Maybe next time we'll ride Penny.

AN ALL NEW, "PRETTY KITTY AND BUFFY PUPPY MAGAZINE" INCLUDING, "DEAR STAR," WILL BE POSTED ON WEDNESDAY. So get your questions in now if you want to be included in the fun!

We luv you, everybuddy!

Riley and Star.


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Mommy said, this weekend we can do whatever we want! We can sleep in and just be plain lazy if we want to. Now that should be easy!

It's noon and I'm still in my nightie just laying here in my satin and mink bed dreaming of Remington. I could do this everyday!

I think I'll sit at my dressing table all day long and just stare at the gold heart he gave me. It's a symbol of us going steady you know? Kiss, kiss!

Now I'm hiding under my blankie that Rem gave me for Valentine's Day so Riley can't find me.

He found me, and messed my hair up too! I'm sure glad Rem can't see me looking like this, he thinks I'm a Diva, not a Rag Muffin!

Well, it's time for another nappy and Rem is right here protecting me.

I wonder what Tessa is doing today?

Well, I don't believe this! Mommy just woke us up and said that our room is a mess and we have to clean out our closets! She's kidding right?

This just isn't fair! I think mommy tricked us!

Well, so much for what we wanted to do this weekend! This is the last time I'll fall for that line again!

Pee-sss: Mommy's been real busy lately and hasn't been a good Assistant at all! Butt don't worry, we just taped her to the computer!

Also, "Dear Star" will continue again on Wednesday so there's still time to ask your questions.

Luv ya'll!
Riley and Star.