Friday, May 21, 2010


It's girl's day out for me and mommy so we are going to shop till we drop! We're going to the pet store and you never know who you might run in to, so I gotta look good!

I could carry my designer Goochy bag, but I think it's too classy for the pet store. I'll save it for when I go to N.Y.C. to visit Asta. She'll probably take me shopping on Fifth Ave so I'll need to look sheek!

I just luuuv this pretty pink silk purse butt I guess it's kind of elliegant to wear today.

Wow! Red is my color, butt what will I wear on Valentine's Day?

Then there's this beautiful crystal beaded purse, butt I think I'll save it for when Remington and I go dancing. Oh, just the thought of him holding me in his big strong arms, makes me shiver all over!

Oh, I just luuuv this one! Butt, I don't have yellow shoes to go with it. Well, too bad!

Now this is what I'm talk'n about! Well on second thought, maybe I should save it for when I visit Remmy in Minniesoda. I got to look HOT you know? He's a HUNK! And besides, I have a sexy little sun dress that goes with it and pink shoes too!

Gee, I miss him, I wonder if he misses me? I think I'm in luv, butt don't tell Rem.

This one is made with pink pearls and it matches the pink pearls I'm wearing with the heart that Remington gave me. Oh, I think I'm gonna cry! I better not carry this one or I'll be blue all day and probably won't be in the mood to buy a thing! We can't let that happen!

Oh, this is sooo confusing, maybe I have too many purses? Nope, that's not it!

Finally!!! This one is perfect! Remington always calls me his Sweet Little Princess you know? Thanks Rem for helping me decide, I knew I could count on you! Mommy, I'm ready!

Now wasn't that the most RIDICULOUS thing you have ever seen in your life? Girls! I'll never understand them!

Mommy's good friend went to Heaven this week and we want to thank all of you for your loving comments at this difficult time.

Riley, Star and mommy too.

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Monday, May 10, 2010


Mommy has been somewhat preoccupied this week butt, today she took us to the park! After a nice long walk we ran over to our favorite place, the playground! There we met two of the cutest little children. Michelle and Todd.

Hey Todd, you can let go now, I do this all the time!

Riley! How do you expect me to slide down this thing with you on top of me?

We made it Star!......Geeeze, why can't I ever do anything alone?

Well here we are back on the red slide......Yea, and we're still joined at the hip!

Hey buddy, are you look'n at me?

Sorry Dude, I just wanna be your frend!

To all of Riley and Star's friends, please forgive me for not keeping up with your posts as I should. This past week has been very hectic and I guess you could say, I have the blahs.

A good friend of ours is loosing his battle with Cancer and is under the care of Hospice. Please bare with me for the next week or so. I will try to catch up when I can.

Also, I will not be posting DEAR STAR this week. I hope to post Star's column next week so there is still time for your questions.

We love and miss you all!

Stephanie, Riley and Star's mommy.


Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi Everybuddy, It's me Star with "Pretty Kitty and Buffy Puppy Magazine". This Week's Issue is HOT, HOT, HOT!


Last Friday Night was the Premier for the new Western Flick, "WESTWARD HO!" WESTWARD WHO??? A very nervous ACTOR/PRODUCER, JACK DADDY looked quite dashing until he accidentally pooped on the Red Carpet.


LORENZA created quite a scene in the Plaza when she wore this PRETTY IN PINK dress designed by: GRANDMA-DE-LORENZA.


When you are too pooped to even wag your tail, stop in your tracks and have a cup of STAR TEA. Yummy, yum, yum! Sold at all fine Pet Stores.


HERO who is often mistaken for Brad Pitt, howls: "THOSE ARE NOT MY BABIES"!!!

It was also reported by a very good source, that TWIX, HERO'S date on DATE NIGHT said HERO looks good in anything or even nothing at all! Now that must have been some date!


HI, I'M RILEY AND THERE'S NOTHING MORE REFRESHING THEN MONTY-ZOOMIE'S REVENGE. For Medicinal Use Only! Grrreat for killing squirrels by just breathing on them, flea bites and rug burn! A dab here and a dab there, well, maybe not there, will soothe your butt!



NORWOOD WRITES: Dear Star, I'm confused! Huge MANGO who lives in MASTER-CHEW-SITTS is always talking like a VALLEY GIRL! He says: "like I was totally worried" and "for sure". Maybe he thinks he's CHER staring in "VALLEY GIRL MANGO"? Don't you think he's getting weird?

Dear Norwood, Like no way! I think like MANGO is totally way cool for sure! Wait! Did you say MASTER-CHEW-SITTS? I thought you said CALIFORNIA! Like that's gross an like gag me with a spoon!

KISSA-BULL SAYS: Dear Star, We're moving to a new house and we are thinking about doing our Synchronized Tooting Routine in evewy room to rid any bad vibes or boos that might have been there before ush. Miss. Star, what do you tink? The Pittie Pack.

Dear Pittie Pack, I think that's a grrreat idea! Also, I would bring your furrend there with you just in case you run out of gas!

THUNDER FROM THE O.P. PACK SAYS: Dear Star, do you have any ideas of how I can get my sister Ciara off my Back?!!!

Dear Thunder, There's a very simple solution to your problem. Just sleep standing up!

BUSY BUTTONS WRITES: Dear Star, I'd really like to have a kitty butt mom claims she's allergic to them. How can I convince her to get me a kitty?

Dear Busy Buttons, Ask for a puppy instead or your mom will be sneezing yucky stuff all over you! And her eyes will be swollen shut and her nose will drip like a leaky faucet all down her face and yours, and that can be pretty disgusting! Do you want her to resent you for the rest of your life because she can't breathe? No, I didn't think so! Enjoy your new puppy!

LILYBELL SAYS: Dear Star, Whenever we go for a walk my brother Chewy always barks at all the cute bo-dawgs and scares them away! I'm going to be a Spinster for the rest of my life because of him! Please help!

Dear Lilybell, Chewy is just trying to protect from all those bo-dawg wimminizors! And not to worry about becomming a Spinster, I'll take care of that right now!


If you are a handsome and single bo-dawg looking for a beautiful petite, wo-dawg to be your forever-furrend, then look up Lilybell. And don't mind her brother, he's all bark and no bite! This ought get you some action!!!

Well everybuddy, that's it for this week's addition of "PRETTY KITTY AND BUFFY PUPPY MAGAZINE". Please feel free to ask your question when you leave a comment on my post and I will answer it next week.

Star. xxxxx!


Sunday, May 2, 2010


Who are you, little buddy? Well, let me introduce myself, my name is SpongeBob.

And I'm a very good friend of Remington's.

I'm here Star because I think there's something you should know about your Remington!

OH NO!!! HE'S MARRIED! I knew he was too good to be true!

Sorry Bob, butt I can't just stand here and let you break my little Sister's heart!

Well, As I was saying.........

Miss. Star, I realize you are beautiful and a very successful pup, butt someday that will all fade away!


Yes and so, it's very important that you have something else other then yourself in common with Remington. Not only is he very athletic butt he is an avid reader!

So, I would suggest that you start reading right now so that someday when you're old and all wrinkly, the two of you will have something to talk about. After all, you're not getting any younger you know?

Gee, I think this guy is trying to steal my job! Butt, maybe I should take his advice. "I am your best friend, Patrick," said a big PINK sea STAR..... hey, this book is really good and it's all about me!

You know Riley, I think Mr. SpongeBob, is right and I wouldn't want to loose Remington to a bookworm! It was very nice to meet you Mr. SpongeBob and thanks for everything!

Well kids, I gotta run! I have more good deeds to do and the rest of the world to save, so see ya around!

Hello Remington? This is SpongeBob, I was just wondering, how much do you know about makeup and fashion?

Hey big guy, no need to get your tail in a knot, I was just trying to help you out!

Gee, maybe I should just stick to what I do best!