Monday, January 25, 2010


Today mommy took us for a long walk in our neighborhood and we met two cute little doggies and now they are our new best friends. But guess what? MOMMY DIDN'T BRING THE CAMERA!!! We told her to bring it, but would she listen? No!!! I sure hope we see them again soon so we can introduce them to all of you. Next time, I'm gonna make Riley carry the camera!
Oh, I'm so tired, I think I'll just take a nappy right here on my pawrent's bed. They won't mind.
I'm laying on my nice soft pink blanket and dreaming of you know who?
Geeze-maneeeze, Star! Would you please stop talking in your sleep! I'm trying to get a decent nappy here!
This is the life! Sleeping on a king size bed. I feel like a princess!
Oh, oh! Is that mommy I hear?
Oooops! I think I'm busted!
I am busted! Now what?
Well, I guess it's back to sleeping on this hard floor. What I want to know is, who made up that fib about me being spoiled? Poor little pitiful me!

Pee-ess. Mommy wants everybuddy to know that we have been having computer problems. We got it fixed yesterday and now it is acting up again! So if you don't hear from us right away, you will soon. We hope??? Luv, Riley and Star.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi Riley here, and today is "TRUE COLOURS THURSDAY". My favorite color is BLUE cause blue is for a boy and I am all boy, that's for sure! Top that with my pretty WHITE hair and you have a BLUE AND WHITE Riley.
Star looks real pretty in blue with her shiny white hair. Kind of reminds me of a little cloud.
Here she is in her Ice Blue satin and lace dress dancing. Boy, that girl sure loves to dance!
And here she is again doing the Cha, Cha, Cha in a Blue and White very skimpy dress which daddy had a fit about when he saw it!
Like my Blue and White Bow Tie? It matches Star's skimpy dress.
This is a BLUE AND WHITE biscuit box. It's really where mommy keeps the Doggie biscuits and treats. She thinks she being clever and fooling us but we're too smart for her.
This BLUE AND WHITE picture is for all you ladies out there. I'm still looking for my soul mate but I haven't had much luck. Maybe she'll find me??? Guess I'm just unlucky when it comes to love. I don't know why? Everybuddy says I'm" buff" and a really GOOD KISSER!
This is my BLUE AND WHITE Obedience School degree. I got an "F" but they passed me anyway cause I was so cute. I was only one year old.
This beautiful BLUE AND WHITE picture of Star is for her fella. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
Well us two little white doggies are all ready for our nappy. We're all bundled up in our BLUE blankie. HAPPY BLUE AND WHITE THURSDAY every buddy!
Love, Riley and Star.


Friday, January 15, 2010


Mommy left today to visit our big sister and the grandbabies. She's just going to be gone a night or two. But Riley is taking it pretty hard and has gone into seclusion and I have no buddy to play with.
It's hard to play "tug of war" all by myself. I only have one mouth you know?
Well it Wednesday now and mommy is still gone. The house sure seems empty without her.
Riley is still so mad because she left that his hair is standing up on it's ends!
In fact, he refuses to talk to anyone! What a baby! Get over it already!
I's Thursday morning and I'm sitting by the window waiting for mommy to come home.
Well, it's almost noon and still no sign of her!
Mommy just called and said she is going to spend another night at our sister's house. I'm so sad, my eyes are all red from crying!
It's now Friday morning and mommy still isn't home! My friend Sandy, carried me all over the house while she was cleaning, but even that didn't cheer me up.
Hey Star! Come here! I think I hear a car in the driveway!
Look Star, it's mommy!
Riley, I so excited, I think I'll howl!
It is mommy! Ow-oooool!!!
Mommy, I'm so happy to see you, I'm grinning from ear to ear! Yeah, let's play!
Riley is in a much better mood now and mommy says she's sorry she hasn't been able to keep up with our Bloggingbuddies this week but promises to work overtime to catch up! I'm sitting on her lap right now to make sure she does! Boy, am I glad she's back!



Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's Worthless Wednesday and what better way to spend it? With my little sis.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hi Everybuddy! Well today is my birthday, Sunday the 10th of January. I am four years old. This has really been a week of celebrations! Yesterday was Remington's birthday, he turned one and the day before that it was Madi's mom's birthday, she turned 29. Be sure and stop by their blog and wish them a Happy Birthday!

This morning mommy, daddy and Star surprised me with a nice little birthday party. It was just the four of us but it was ALL ABOUT ME! As soon as I eyed that pretty green tissue paper, I shredded it to pieces! My favorite thing to do.
Yummm! Nothing taste better then green tissue paper!
Hmmm? I wonder what's in this pretty bag? Oh, a new water bowl and a big bag of Greenie's and other treats. Yummy!
Hey, is that a new blue blankie for me? Cool!
I also got some new toys and Mr. Froggie here is my favorite one.
Star gave me the most beautiful blue and brown collar with a matching leash. Now I'm ready to go for a walkie.
I think they favor him, I sure don't remember getting that many pressies on my birthday?
I think I'll call Paris Hilton and see if she needs another puppy...ME! I'll show them!
Riley, I think the party is over. Yeah and it sure was a great one! And you know what else Star? No, what Riley? You can play with all my new toys cause playing alone, isn't as much fun! Aaaah, I love you Riley and Happy Birthday! Guess I'll cancel that call to Miss. Hilton.
Happy Birthday Remington and Madi's mommy, we love you!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Thank dogness it's Wednesday cause I couldn't feel anymore more worthless! I think I'll just take a long nappy in my little red sports car and get away from Star.

Hey! Where did you come from? You little runt! This is just too much closeness so go find your own pad!
I don't think he likes me.
And that hurts my feelings.
Well, guess I'll just nappy in my own bed here all alone in the living room. I'm so sad.....Sob, sob!
Oh good, she's gone! There's nothing nicer then aloneness.
I like my bed better then that old clunky car anyway cause it's pink and I have it all to myself. So there!
Being totally worthless feels totally wonderful! I could do this every day of the week!
Well on second thought, maybe not? Cause then I might miss out on a lot of fun. Hummm? I think I'm starting to miss Star, where is she anyway?
If he thinks he's coming over here, he better think again! I can forgive, but I never forget! Cause I'm a woman! WOMAN! Yea!
Happy Worthless Wednesday Everybuddy!