Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hi Everybuddy! Happy New Year's Eve! Well it's almost midnight and Star and me are having a lovely gourmet New Years Eve dinner. Mommy and Daddy are out on a date so our butler, Benson and Trudy our maid will be serving us tonight. Yes and I can't wait another minute Riley!

Yeah, and I'm so hungry, I could eat this crown. In fact, I could eat it even if I wasn't hungry!
Hey! Where's my champagne?
Star, I haven't seen Benson have you? No, but I noticed that he and Trudy have been in the kitchen for a LONG time! Ooooh!
I wonder when he's going to bring my champagne?
Riley, here we are all dressed up and no where to go! Yeah, and we're stuck with those two dead-beat servants!
Benson! We demand our dinner right now! Yeah and where's my Champagne?
I smell something burning and I think it's coming from the kitchen. I sure hope it isn't our dinner.
I'm so hungry I think I'll eat my hat!
While we're waiting Riley, let's make some New Years Resolutions, you go first. Okay, I resolve to never tear up toilet paper again. Yeah, and I resolve to never bark at the mailman. And I resolve IF WE DON'T OUR GET DINNER RIGHT NOW, I'M GOING TO BITE THE BUTLER! YEAH, AND THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO, TRUDY-PATUTY!!!
Hey Benson! Where's our Steak Tartar? If you're not out here in 3 seconds, I'm coming in after you!
While Riley is checking on our dinner, I think I'll eat his hat.
Well, they said they would be out here with our Cheese dumplings ten minutes ago!
Geeze, you just can't find good help anymore.
Wait a minute, I just heard mommy and daddy come in and I heard daddy say: "You're fired!" OMD! Yeah, Let's party!!!
Star here's comes mommy with the Greenie Casserole and champagne! Yeah!!! We love you mommy and daddy. Oh and now that we have our champagne, let's make a toast to all the nice friends we made in 2009 and to all the new friends we hope to make in 2010 as well. CHEERS!

Riley and Star.


Monday, December 28, 2009


On Christmas Eve we went up to our human sister's house to spend Christmas. Snow started to fall which is different for this part of Texas and on Christmas Eve, no less. It was beautiful!

Our little human nephew Rhett, didn't know quite what to think of it so he closed his eyes. Isn't he adorable?
Then we came inside to get warm. Rhett said in his own little language, Riley and Star let's play! He's eighteen months old and wears us out but we love him!
So Star said, No thanks, I'm out of here!
Hmmm, where did that Riley go?
Riley, I see you!

Here I come!
After I got away, I slipped into the other room and decided to have some fun of my own. So, I got into two gift bags and shred the tissue all to pieces! Well, that went over like a lead balloon! I don't understand humans. They encourage us to tear open our pressies and think it's cute but if it's not our pressie, then they get mad. I'm confused, a pressie is a pressie and I don't know how to read name tags! It was as if I was the Grinch That Stole Christmas!

Mommy being so used to taking pictures of us for our blog, whether we're good or bad, told daddy to grab his camera which he did and then we were all in trouble. Sorry Mommy.
To make matters worse, me and Star barked whenever we got the chance because we were being ignored and that got on everybuddy's nerves!

Then one of our relatives was carving the duck when a piece of meat fell into the cuff of his pants. Daddy could tell that he was really starting to get annoyed with me cause I kept licking his leg. Then daddy picked me up and said, boy you are pushing your luck! Although, he really wanted to take a picture of it but was afraid of pushing his!

And baby Harper was having so much fun watching all this, she just sat there and clapped while the rest of the family just ignored us. She's the sweetest little baby we know.
All of a sudden, Rhett spotted us and I ran for the hills!
Another one of our relatives warned us right up front that she doesn't like dogs. Mommy was a nervous wreck all day trying to keep us away from her which was useless since we refuse to be ignored.

Mommy told us not to take it personally, some people just don't like dogs. Now that's different! Are you kidding me? Hey, we're Celebrities and we won the Mirror Ball Trophey! That lady should be begging us for our autographs! If she thinks she's riding in our limousine, she better think again! Whew! I feel better now. Other then that, she was a pretty nice lady.

Meanwhile, Rhett started to chase Star and she got so nervous that she ran clear across the room and jumped on the woman's lap who then jumped up and yelled get off of me! Mommy picked Star up and said, it's okay honey, don't be scared.
Daddy and mommy decided that we had worn out our welcome so we better hit the road. When we all got in our car, mommy said, "now that was a Christmas different" and she and daddy cracked up! But me and Star didn't think it was very funny at all and besides, we were so exhausted from all the activity, we slept all the way home.

Our house looked so good to us when we got there and mommy got a gift bag, filled it with bright red tissue, set it on the floor and said, Merry Christmas kids! Maybe she's a bad mommy for doing that but she understands that to little dogs like us, tissue is like catnip to a cat.

All and all, it was a wonderful Christmas and we really did have a great time with all the relatives especially Rhett and Harper, but we told mommy that next year we would like to have our own Christmas party with lots of doggies there where we can run, tear up tissue paper and bark all we want to, but mostly just be ourselves! We'll see, she said.

We hope all our furry friends had a very Merry Christmas and didn't get into trouble like we did.

Happy New Year!
Riley and Star.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We've been at the North Pole for days now looking for Santa Claus and we can't find him anywhere! Yes, and I think Santa is missing! Well Star, you wait here while I look for Santa. I'll find him, don't you worry.
Oh brother, it's so scary out here with Riley gone, I think I'll just hide in the snow and maybe no one will notice me. Riley!!! Get your skinny little butt over here!!! I just saw a giant in a red suit with huge feet and he almost stepped on me!
Oh, where is Riley when you need him? He's probably calling his girlfriend Savvy on his cell phone. I'll just sit here quietly and keep a watchful eye on the giant in the red suit. Hey wait a minute! That's no giant, I think that's Santa Claus and I found him all by myself!
Look Riley, I found Santa and he's decorating his tree with beautiful pressies and everything! Oh, I hope they're for us.

Well, well, look what I found here? And what's your name little fella? I'm Riley and that's my sister, Star. We've been looking everywhere for you and I'm glad I finally found you Santa. You did not! Liar, liar, pant's on fire! Star, hush!
Have you been a good little boy this year Riley? Oh, yes Sir! No he hasn't!
And what about you Star, have you been a good little girl? Oh yes Santa, always! Well then, I am going to bring you lots of presents! Oh goody, and all our doggy and kitty friends too? Absolutely! But I still have a lot to do before I make my long journey.

Well Star, it's been a wonderful adventure but now it's time to go home. Yes, and I miss mommy and daddy. Wasn't Santa Claus nice? Yeah he sure was and something about him reminded me of daddy. Yeah, me too.
Riley, do you see what I see? Yeah, I wonder if his wife knows?
"MERRY CHRISTMAS" Riley and Star! HO, HO HO!

Wake up Star! You were dreaming! Oh no Riley, it was real! We went to the North Pole in our little red sports car and we met Santa and.......and then,.......Oh Star, you and your dreams! I'm going back to bed cause I want to stay up late on Christmas Eve and see Santa as he comes down the chimney!
Well, I don't care what Riley says, I know I met Santa and that's that!
Merry Christmas every Doggy and Kitty! See you next year!

Riley and Star.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well, here we are at the North Pole and Santa is no where to be found. But not to worry, Mr. Bear here is hot on his trail and we will meet him very soon. Oh, I just can't wait!
What's that's Mr. Bear? What do you mean he's not here? He's what??? You are kidding me? I don't believe it! What do you mean it's boy's night out? Now that's creepy!

Riley, I feel ridiculous wearing this tree skirt! Well just bear with me Star, maybe Santa will think we're Christmas trees and cover us with pressies! Well okay, I guess that's one way of meeting Santa.
Hey Look Riley, there's Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer! He looks like one of your old boyfriends. Hey Rudolph, have you seen Santa? Nope!
Oh, I'm so tired! We've been searching for Santa for hours and hours! I think I'll take a little nappy.
Star wake up! Mr. and Mrs. Clause just took off in a red sports car! You mean they have one too? Boy talk about keeping up with the Jone'es!
Well, here we are at the Reindeer Crossing. We hear that Santa hangs out here a lot.
I promised Star that she will meet Santa and I always keep my promise! By golly, I'm gonna find him no matter what?


Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm dreaming of a White Christmas and meeting Santa Claus tonight. Come on Riley, let's go! I'm in a hurry to meet Santa!
Well, we're off to the North Pole but first we have to gas up our new red sports car and put on our warm leather jackets. Frosty here, knows the way and is going to lead us there.
Riley, slow down!!! Oh, I can't even look! I knew we should have had Mango The Maltese Kiddo fly us up there in his private jet! Geeze Star, I'm only going 210 mph. Hey, I see a big mountain up ahead, I think that's the North Pole! Star, you can look up now.
I don't believe this! You came two inches from driving off this cliff! Sorry, Sis.
Frosty melted and now we're lost! Why won't men ever ask for directions? Hey Mr. Bear, could you please tell us how to get to the North Pole? Riley, he said go North! Which way is North? I can't see in this snow storm! Oh brother, now we are really lost!
Well, we must be close cause it's getting a lot colder. I guess we better put on our hats and sweaters. That's better.
Now you've done it Riley, we're stuck in the snow! But Star, I think we're almost there. I'm not talking to you!
While Riley's calling Santa's Tow Sleigh Service, I think I'll build a new Frosty.
Well, we made it to the North Pole and now we just have to find Santa. Riley, I'm sorry I was so grumpy. Once again you have come through and I am so proud of you! I love you Riley. I love you too Star.